The L104C 60-Egg Loader begins the egg-processing sequence of the BRD104C Egg Separating System. With vacuum cups to lift two flats of eggs at once, 100 cases per hour are easily transferred to the W104C Washer.

Once the eggs are removed from the flats, they advance to be vertically stacked for removal. Flats containing eggs that remain stuck in their pockets are moved to an area where the eggs can be removed and reintroduced to the product stream. The L104C 60-Egg Loader is directly powered by a drive shaft from the B104C Egg Breaker and Separator.

Features include:
L104C 60-Egg Loader
Lowest operating cost
100 case per hour transfer from 30-egg flats
Simple operation
Quick, low cost maintenance
Consistently performs regardless of product quality, including paper flats

BRD104C Egg Separating System
.....B104C Egg Breaker
......L104C 60-Egg Loader
..... C100 Washer

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