This B104C Egg Breaker and Separator is the heart of our BRD104 Egg Separating System. Using proven technology this linear style 100 CPH separator will offer consistent output at an unbeatable price.

Features include:

B104C Egg Breaker and Separator
Lowest operating cost
Up to 100 cases (36,000 eggs) per hour
Excellent drain time gives superior liquid yield
Minimal operator reach
Excellent for difficult product runs
Simple straightforward maintenance
A quick tray change allows the machine to run separated yolk and albumen or whole egg. The cups pass single file directly in front of the operator minimizing operator reach. The B104C Egg Breaker and Separator is equally adept at pullet and jumbo eggs with minimal adjustment. The cracker and cup remain together throughout the breaking cycle, making troubleshooting easier and sanitation assured. With provably the lowest operating cost on the market, it is hard to beat the economy this system offers.

BRD104C Egg Separating System
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