Replacement Parts Catalog

The Midwest BRD state-of-the-art catalog is
your reference guide to replacement parts for
your egg-separating systems.

The catalog includes replacement parts for:

We have attempted to make this the most comprehensive catalog of its kind, giving you the information you need in the easiest way possible. This catalog contains over 1,500 entries, and describes the most common variations that are found in the egg-separating systems currently in operation.

Parts are shown in exploded views annotated by their actual part numbers corresponding with a description table on the very same page. The parts shown in these pictures are not a representation of the parts; they are the actual parts existing in a 3-dimensional environment known as solid modeling.

Designing in a virtual environment allows our equipment to be tested before manufacturing begins. This means we can produce parts with greater accuracy and speed, saving material, manufacturing time and rework making our parts less expensive.

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Parts Ordering
Replacement parts, rebuild kits, and upgrade kits exist for individual breakers, loaders, and washers. To place a parts order or request a quote, click here: Parts Orders

B104C Egg Breaker
W104C Washer
L104C 60-Egg Loader
30-Egg Loader