The C100 Washer is an excellent partner to the B104C Egg Breaker and Separator. It can be configured as either a single or dual in-line washing system. It safely washes up to 100 cases per hour using 17 brushes vertically oscillating under the constant flow of warm water. The stacked design of the shell-straining trays allows removal and cleaning during operation. The C100 Washer is smoothly driven by the same hydraulic system that powers the B104C Egg Breaker and Separator eliminating extra power sources.

Features include:
C100 Washer - 100 cases per hour
Lowest operating cost
Effectively washes up to 100 cases per hour
Automatic water temperature control
Configurable for multiple washers per line
Superior quality W301 Rubber Rollers cushion the egg's travel
Easy on-the-fly removal and cleaning of shell straining trays
Top ventilation

BRD104C Egg Separating System
.....B104C Egg Breaker
......L104C 60-Egg Loader
..... C100 Washer

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