BRD104C Egg Separating System

The BRD104C Egg Separating System includes:

.....B104C Egg Breaker and Separator
.....L104C 60-Egg Loader
.....C100 Washer
.....C500 Candling Light

This linear 100 case per hour egg breaking and separating system uses proven technology to provide you with reliable, cost effective production. From pullets to jumbo eggs and paper to plastic flats, the
BRD104C Egg Separating System performs regardless of your raw product quality or yield requirements.

Whole egg or separated product is only an easy tray change away. Separated yolk and albumen is further enhanced by one of the longest drain times available. If effluent is a concern, our system only washes the necessary crackers and cups. In addition, the cups and crackers remain together throughout the breaking cycle, making troubleshooting easier and sanitation assured.

Considering labor, floor space, initial investment and repair costs the
BRD104C Egg Separating System is an effective solution to your egg-processing needs.

BRD104C Egg Separating System
.....B104C Egg Breaker
......L104C 60-Egg Loader
..... C100 Washer

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